Posted by: Kunstmeisje | May 17, 2013

Being human

Is being Human the best thing that could happen to you? Or would it be better if you had reincarnated into an animal? And what kind of animal would you have been?
I think that before I was human I was a water animal, probably a dolphin or an other water creature that swims like it’s in there nature. Because that’s what I feel when I go into the water it feels like a second skin, like I am save underwater but still I can breath underwater.

Posted by: Kunstmeisje | March 22, 2013

Time for school

Time for school

I’m so busy so I always have to make time for everything. Like my father would say “You can always make time” Well that’s true but also not true. It’s not so easy making time between, school, work and my internship. Friends get angry at my for not having time for them but when I have time they don’t have time for me. So it doesn’t work.

Then I also have family who needs a lot of attention. But it’s hard, my parents are diforced so I have two families who need time.

I’m tired of making time for everyone. My schoolwork needs a lot of attention two and if my family or friends don’t get that that makes my sad and angry. What’s wrong with them?


Posted by: Kunstmeisje | February 11, 2013


So my best friend tries to make me date the cousin of her boyfriend. And then she wants with all our friends who have boyfriends go bowling. Problem is, I like Tom (the cousin) but not like like… Why the f*** would I date him if I’m not into him…

It’s stupid and annoying that she pushes me to date him by asking him every time .. It makes me tired that she tries to hard to fix us up. I’m not interested in dating at the moment our start a relation ship. STOP PUSHING ME!! I just want to scream it in here face and make it clearly that I am really really furious about it.


Why are best friends so annoying sometimes… Sigh

Posted by: Kunstmeisje | February 6, 2013

Love it is just a word

Love it is just a word

A simple red rose,
In my mouth,
breathing in and out,
whit love and ease,
It will be easy to please,
How to please someone you don’t love?
That must be really though,
Keep going on and hope that you maybe one day see.
That love is just a word,
just as easy.

Posted by: Kunstmeisje | February 5, 2013

sins and nuns

sins and nuns

I’m a bitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m a mother, I’m a sinner, I’m a saint. I do not feel ashamed.

Lovely lyrics and so true. I shows us that people have different faces. People are different than you know, what you see is probably 10% of the real person. Layers of layers people are like onions. So much layers and it takes a long time to reach the inner core and to reach the inner core it hurts, it takes tears. It takes patience, it takes friendship or a family member to know all the layers.

Your outer cortex is the 10% you show people, you show it in school, when you go out clubbing or when you go shopping. Of course you will never show the real you, unless you get really drunk and then quite quick a few layers will fell off. Or when you go into therapy you have to show all your layers because you are trying to fix one of your layers.

I know I have a lot of layers, and some are wrong and some are good but don’t forget the layers are who you are, changing is not possible. But of course you can try to change it but the layers are you. So why try to change yourself? To became a better person? Become someone who people tend to like better? Why?

Stay who you are, fake people will never find there way into society because they don’t fit in it because of all the falseness… Don’t push yourself in becoming something or someone ells.


Posted by: Kunstmeisje | February 4, 2013

A test of life

Life test us daily, every day, every moment, every single minute it test us. To become a better person? Or just to let people show what we are made of and who we are really.

Like today, a girl fell from her bike and was hurt. As I walked by not a single person helped the girl. First I waited and then when no one helped her I came up at her and asked if she was oke. She started yelling at me, because she didn’t ask for my help… Well oke then? 

Also today there were two tourist standing on a bridge trying to take a picture whit them in it, because I had in mind that people probably didn’t need my help I walked passed them then I thought, If I were on my holiday trying to make a good picture with me and my friend in it I would like it if people asked me if they would make the picture. So I walked back – they still were trying to make a good picture – I asked them if they would like it if I made there picture. They were really happy because she wanted that people would see the canal on the picture. So after taking a few picture they thanked me.


Maybe by doing this kind of things the human race can be saved and there might be hoop for us! I now have the idea to try to help people everyday. It’s a small gesture but you might get something in return – is not always necessary.


So what do you do to make sure there is still hope for the human race? Or is it something that can not be saved because of what we do too the world we live in? 

Posted by: Kunstmeisje | January 30, 2013



Dead a sudden thing, that you can’t predict or know when it will come for you. Two years ago this day the phone rang and a call…
‘Can I speak to your mother?’ It was my uncle, somehow I heard a thing in his voice a serious thing. I knew at that moment something was wrong and about my grandfather and grandmother. And I was right….
My grandfather died, a heart attack in Thailand on his holiday with my grandmother. He died on the 31 of January while it was here the 30 of January… Weird was it, in theory he wasn’t dead yet but in real he was dead. Would never be awake and left us with sadness….

R.I.P Gerard Zijda

Posted by: Kunstmeisje | January 30, 2013

A British Wedding

A British Wedding

So soon I’ll be going to the wedding of my cousin in England, I really look forward to it. Still no idea what dress I should were. Maybe buying a new one online? But no idea what site has nice dresses and are not expensive… Hmm have to look really hard!

Posted by: Kunstmeisje | January 29, 2013

My cat <3

<img src="; class="size-full" alt="My cat

I just love my cat Catootje (:

Posted by: Kunstmeisje | January 27, 2013

Be gone forever

I want to be someone else, just for a few days disappear and then come back as someone else. Someone different, that’s not me in any way. Maybe for a few days going somewhere else where you don’t know anyone and let things happen that I would never do.

Should I take that risk? Being someone else and what if I like the person I became better than myself? Should I just disappear as me and go on with my life as the new person and no one will ever know what happened to me? That sounds like an awesome story…


Like just leave all your shit and take money and clothing and just go. Into the wild world were everything is possible! I should give it a try just do whatever I want and when I wanted to do I would just do it! That sounds amazing but unlikely ever to happen to me. Just like I will never find love, I am afraid of that fact. Or finding that one person that compares to you and makes you feel special but because you met the person in the wrong time it wouldn’t work? Sadly but true and there might be a second one but you will never notice that opportunity. That sounds really like it could be my life story and then ending up with 17 cats alone in a house that smells funny and weird… 

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